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Would you like finger chips with that?

Sometimes in India when ordering food from a menu, you get the impression that some of your choices are incorrectly matched. For instance one day we ordered a mix of North and South Indian food. Once our choices arrived, over the next fifteen minutes the waiter, without being asked, brought different extras to our table and until we were supplied with a full South Indian meal. I think this was the staffs way of politely expressing that we had made the wrong choice.

Other times though, this is not what is happening and just another example of the strange communication that can occur in India. Here is one instance:

We were staying at one place and everyday I went in there and ordered rice with my meal, usually Dhal. This time I went in with Doug.

(Doug has already ordered a dish with Parota)
Waiter: You want Parota?
Me: No, rice please.
Waiter: Parota?
Me:No, rice.
Waiter: Parota
Me: Rice.
Waiter: Parota.
Me: Rice, rice please.
Waiter: Not Parota?
Me :No rice, rice.
(Waiter departs with puzzled look.)
Keep in mind that this is the same waiter I ordered from the last two days.
(Waiter then returns with puzzled look, Doug’s meal, my meal and Parota….for me. I then say rice one more time after ten minutes he returns with some rice for me. By this time Doug has finished his Parota and would like another.
Doug: Another parota please.
Waiter: Rice?
Doug: No Parota.
Waiter: Ok.
(Waiter scurrys off)
The waiter then returns with a plate of rice for Doug

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  1. Jon M
    Jul 12, 2010, 08:29

    Fool me once…

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