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Ginger terrorist.

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Kerala. I have a bit of a beard now, this falls into my subset of goals: To let my beard grow for the entire time I am in India. But this has maybe had an adverse effect on our reception at some of the hotels in Kerala. (Or it could be Douglas’ mustache, which is quite becoming by the way) We stopped at one small town. With only three hotels, the first one said something interesting, we were told that they cant give us a room because they have no running water in the hotel. They were quite friendly and polite so I asked if I could use the toilet, they said yes and I proceeded to wash my hands in their wonderful flowing water. I also asked one of the wait staff if there were any guests and he said there was a few.
The next one said they were full, in the height of the tourist off-season. Finally we had to go to the most expensive hotel,1700 rupees (Thats very expensive kids), which was more than willing to take our potentially ill financed cash. This turned out ot be a very surreal and kind of cool experience as we were basically the only guests in a massive hotel out in the middle of the country.

We got more clues as to our treatment when we made it to our next stop. It was no place special just a way point but it must been a hive of terrorist activity. A nice Indian guy by the name of Kuriakose, who was also a christian and tried to convert Doug, which seemed to be becoming a theme of our trip, the attempted conversion of Doug to Christianity. He helped us find a hotel and during the process I became aware that without him we would not have been able to get the hotel as we needed a local sponsor as well as giving them our passports as security. These apparently were all anti-terrorist measures to combat the present threat, but that wasnt all. When we were chillaxing on the rooftop, the attendent came up and said we were only allowed ten minutes up there and we werent allowed to take any pictures.

I didnt know there were any ginger terrorists at least not in India anyway.

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  1. Apr 26, 2011, 11:46

    After your last posting on Facebook it seems that you are missing the beautifull scenes here. I thought I was reading my own words to you of one year ago…… cheers anyway and keep your blog going. 7 months without a posting is not a good sign…..

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